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PEAK TaiChi Slipper



Peak Slipper

Our new slipper combines our absolutely outstanding and almost unbelievable TaiChi technology of the midsole with the most modern design. 
Based on a bathing shoe, the simple design combined with the latest trend colours is captivating. The Peak logo appears on the side in all its glory.
Inside the sole is a gel base with gel molecules, which ensures that you walk barefoot on a sponge when walking slowly, as the force between the molecules is low. But as soon as you increase your speed, the molecules start to move and a kind of cross-linking of the molecules takes place inside the sole. Within a few milliseconds, the soft gel becomes a highly elastic solid that offers you maximum elasticity without becoming uncomfortably hard. If you reduce the speed again, it only takes a few seconds and the gel base is soft again. 
Thanks to the great, innovative TaiChi technology, which has never been seen before, this outstanding wearing sensation is now also possible in leisure time or after sports.
The non-slip sole makes the shoe perfect for slippery wet surfaces and ensures a firm grip.
The material shines with its durability and flexibility and can be used in any area thanks to the waterproof material. 

PEAK products are developed in cooperation with top athletes. With their experience and insight, the perfect combination of comfort and performance is created.
The interaction of the different technologies of a PEAK shoe guarantees maximum performance. The upper material, inner sole and outer sole of the shoe work together optimally.

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